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Is school boring to you? Do you ever find yourself wondering what the point of homework, grades, and tests is? Are you a creative, or independent-minded person who feels out of place in school, feels he/she can do better, but just doesn’t know if there’s an alternative to the educational system?

Well, you’re not alone and, more importantly, there IS an alternative that can free you from the chains of school that have burdened you for so long.

But I warn you, this book is NOT for everyone.

If following orders, doing what you’re told, obeying authority, and being a passive spectator in life are things you PREFER, then this book is NOT for you.

However, if thinking for yourself, becoming empowered, actualizing your true potential, and becoming an ACTIVE doer in life, rather than a passive observer, are values you possess, then this book IS for you.

More importantly, if you’ve always HATED school, thought it was boring and unfulfilling, and always felt an intuition that you could do better, then “Success Without School: Think Outside the Classroom” is the one book you’ve been waiting for, and the one book your teachers will NEVER assign in class (because they’re afraid it might free you).

In this book, you will learn about the KEY truths you need to move forward, including:

– The Truth About Intelligence

  • Explains how intelligence originates in the MIND — NOT in textbooks or classrooms.
  • Illustrates how intelligence is a process of self-trust and thinking outside the box, rather than mindless regurgitation for a grade.
  • And More…

– How to Succeed In Our Vastly Different 21st Century Economy

  • Describes the huge changes to the economy, and why being a “good student” will barely prepare you for success in it.
  • Breaks down the coming Machine Economy, where robots are replacing basic human labor, and thus now, more than ever, being a robotic student and eventual robotic worker will be mostly useless (i.e. you’ll be unemployed).
  • Provides step-by-step principles about HOW to cultivate success without the need for school, college, or other silly arbitrary “credentials”.
  • And More…

– The Horrors of the School System

  • Documents the prison-like nature of modern schools, including their sinister origins as a mechanism for dumbing down and enslaving children (I’m serious, this is all documented history).
  • Exposes the ADHD pandemic, where students are “diagnosed” with an “attention disorder” even though, in reality, they’re just bored out of their minds by an unfulfilling, irrelevant, slave-training school system.

– And much more.

“Success Without School: Think Outside the Classroom” is the culmination of the YEARS I’ve spent decoding the propaganda pushed by the school system, and months of new, heavy research to add depth and originality to my premise.

This is not just a rehashing of what I’ve talked about for the past few years on my blog, Red Pill Philosophy. Instead, it’s my magnum opus – the full crystallization – packaged in an organized, in-depth, and clear format that will shatter the chains of your conditioning and illuminate your path to greatness.

As I said near the beginning: this book is NOT for everyone. But it IS for those who hate school, know they can do better, and want a helpful guide to enlighten them on their exciting life’s journey to TRUE empowerment, actualization, and success.

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3 Comments on "Success Without School"

  1. Hey Chris I have been watching your videos about the problems with the modern schooling I think you’re really a genius I know that you had a lot of people ask you about this question already you see i’m in high school at the age of 19 years old and I have been diagnosed with some type autism and i’m a special ed I am getting really really sick and tired of it I’m not learning anything down not interesting in and I want to drop out of high school when I told my parents about this they start getting furious with me and then I get angry at them because I just can’t do it anymore then me and my parents start having a fight. I have been thinking about getting a GED and go straight to community college I don’t know what to do yet but My parents told me that you cannot make money when I have a high school diploma they may be right about that here’s my question how can I start a music business without money what can I do less like a couple of things what can I do to order to get a GED and go straight to community college to do these things but right now I don’t know how to get out of this fucking bullshit is really so difficult to do all of that can you list a things what I can do.

    • chrisredpillphilosophy | August 31, 2015 at 4:35 am | Reply

      Hey dude, sorry to hear you’re having these troubles. Mainstream school is becoming increasingly irrelevant/frustrating for many students. I don’t encourage any single individual to drop out, or to do anything, because ultimately you have to judge your situation for yourself. Your parents want what’s best for you, but they may not be aware of how many modern schools are counter-productive for some kids (some student just don’t fit in to these rigid authoritative confines).

      First, I’d recommend you listen to the free first chapter of my book, which you probably already did, it’s available here:

      Second, I only have enough time to give so much advice, but what I would say is the most important thing when it comes to making these big decisions regarding school is that you have a BACK UP PLAN. Just dropping out of school because you don’t like it, yet not having a plan B, is not only irrational but dangerous, which is why whatever you choose, you should ultimately consult with your parents, since presumably they still play a big role in taking care of you. If you want to quit high school so you don’t have to waste as much time on irrelevant boring crap, then you should have a sustainable alternative. You ABSOLUTELY should probably get a job, even it’s something basic and part-time. You need to prove to your parents that you’re working on becoming independent, and that you’re not just lazy and making excuses so you don’t work on your career.

      When it comes to your GED, I believe the legal age/laws for getting it vary from one state to the next. Find out how old you have to be to qualify for the GED. If you can get it now, then start studying for it, and take the test. If you past, that will allow you to enter some colleges, and will at least provide a little more certainty for your parents who are skeptical of you. If you want to get a GED, then go for it, but also start looking for a job: even if it is part-time and even if it is not the most exciting thing in the world.

      That’s my simple, brief advice. Good luck.

  2. Hey Chris. Browsing through YouTube one day I came across one of your videos. You really have awakened me to the problems with modern schooling. I really enjoy education but at school I only learn things that are completely irrelevant to what I want to do in life. I’m 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to be a professional baseball player. Over the years I have worked really hard and I am now ranked one of the top players in my area. I can’t stand school. I’m bored with it. I know nothing I’m learning at school is going to help me with my athletic career. I know I have the athletic skills to succeed but I’m tired of wasting my time at a school that’s not even helping me. I want to drop out of school, get my GED, and chase my dream. I feel like I have more to offer to this career and I know it has more to offer me. Should I quit school and go for it?

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