Parkland Students Furious After Their School Mandates “Clear Backpacks”

In the aftermath of the Parkland Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, new rules have been rolled out in the name of student safety.

The school is now enforcing a new policy in which “only clear backpacks will be allowed in the school once students return from spring break.”

These Nanny-State-style enforcement’s were announced by the Superintendent of Broward County Public Schools, Robert Runcie.

Among the clear backpacks, the school will also make wearing ID badges compulsory for both pupils and staff members—these must be worn at “all times.”

These intrusive new rules have rustled the jimmies of self-described “average girl trying to change the world”, Lauren Hogg.

She took to Twitter to express her concerns over the new implementations, saying that she would “rather have common sense gun laws than a clear backpack”.

As a vocal figure in the “#NeverAgain” movement that aims to protest for “change”, it seems Miss Hogg is suddenly annoyed that her calls for regulating people’s freedoms came back to haunt her.

Twitter user Carly Novell expressed her frustration that these new rules will affect her personal fashion choices and comfortable lifestyle.

But isn’t the safety of students more important than her fashion?

Of course, anyone with basic common sense could tell you that these regulations will not solve anything significant and will only be affecting everyone else’s personal freedom.

Imposing these prison-like restrictions is not going to solve the core problem of rogue students with mental health problems but will only serve as a tedious rule affecting everyone else.


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