UK Politicians Want To “Ban Trolls From Voting” In Future Elections

The UK’s Electoral Commission wants to BAN “trolls”—who are mean to politicians on Twitter— from VOTING!

Yes, hurting the feelings of British politicians could revoke your right to vote in a future election.

The election watchdog reported, “Banning social media trolls from voting could help reduce the amount of abuse faced by politicians”.

British Liberal MP Diane Abbott bitched in Parliament,”I’ve had death-threats, I’ve had people Tweeting that I should be hung.”

Her whining continued:

“30 years ago when I first became an MP, if you wanted to attack an MP, you had to write a letter—usually in green ink—you had to put it in an envelope, you had to put a stamp on it, and you had to walk to the Post Office. Now they press a button and you read vile abuse, that 30 years ago people would have been frightened to even write down.”

“Write a letter?” It’s the 21st century, who would give a fuck to spend the time and energy writing a letter, when they can instantly inform you that you are a prick on Twitter whilst they take a nice shit.

I found the part where she says, 30 years ago people would have been frightened to even write down”, extremely interesting in her otherwise lame/entitled whinge.

Why should people be frightened to express their dislike for politicians who have real power and influence on their lives? People absolutely should not be scared to say what they really think about politicians to them on social media.

The Guardian reported:

A BBC survey has found that 87% of MPs say they experienced abuse during the 2017 general election campaign. Half (51%) of the MPs who responded to the Radio 5 Live survey said it was the worst election campaign they had experienced in terms of abuse. The anonymous survey received responses from 113 of the UK’s 650 MPs. 

Aww boohoo.

Politicians like to use the excuse of “hate speech” to shut down voices of people who disagree with them and expose their terrible ideas. This is just another desperate attempt to revoke people’s free speech, further silencing opposing views from the mainstream liberal establishment and make people scared of committing the crime of wrong-think.

Watch Diane Abbott speak here:


The Guardian



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