White Privilege? 400,000 White South Africans Live In “Squatter Camps”

Wow, is this another case of “white privilege”?…

Around 400,000 white South African’s live in “squatter camps” and 450,000 live in poverty—surviving on just £28.99 a month.

White South Africans are forced to live in slums because of over 199 racist affirmative action laws prohibiting them from gaining employment—making it virtually impossible for them to climb out of poverty.

Despite white people being a minority in South Africa (amounting to just 8.9% of the country’s population), whites are persecuted and hated as many black Africans still blame a lot of their countries problems on whites. Many whites live in fear of murder and receive constant death threats:

Impoverished vulnerable white children are also disregarded by the South African Government because of their race, as anti-white affirmative action laws “de-fund” children’s orphanages if they are less than 75% black:

According to SAFRP: These are middle class workers who have lost their jobs because of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Law.

Some white squatter camps are built on the sites of old refuse dumps, on these sites they have no electricity, the only running water available is from standpipes, food is scarce and there is no secure structures (because residents don’t have water or electricity bills, they are unable to claim welfare from the government).

Anti-white South African Government will intervene if slum residents attempt to build themselves permanent home structures—so to evade the laws they resort to building themselves structures such as: shacks made out of wood and metal.

Organisations like SAFRP are campaigning for the rights of the South African white minorities.






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