WATCH: Katy Perry Apologizes To Black People For…Wearing Braids In Her Music Videos

A new video shows singer Katy Perry made a bleeding heart pandering apology to snowflake SJW’S and psycho black supremacists for…wearing braids. (scroll down for video)

Here is a picture of Katy Perry culturally appropriating “WE WUZ KANGZ”:

In a interview with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson on his podcast, Katy talks about how she was told about “the power of black women’s hair and how beautiful it is and the struggle”, the singer confesses that she needs to “educate” herself.

Speaking in an extremely cringey pandering tone of voice she says: “Sometimes it takes someone to say… out of compassion… out of love: ‘Hey this is where the origin is, do you understand?'”.

“I’ve been so grateful to have great teachers and great friends that really hold me accountable, even when I said I wasn’t a feminist cause I didn’t know what that word meant”—DeRay then asks “so are you a feminist?”, Katy replies “Yes sir I am!”.

Despite Katy Perry’s desperate pandering, black women are transparently angry that DeRay would allow a white devil cave beast on his podcast in the first place:


Katy Perry is literally enabling out-of-control black racists and racism against white people by desperately pandering and apologizing for insignificant bullshit like “cultural appropriation” to black supremacists like DeRay McKesson and his podcast listeners.




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