WATCH: Ice Cube Calls Bill Maher A “Redneck” To This Face for Using The N-Word

Bill Maher invited rapper Ice Cube and CNN political commentator Symone Sanders onto his TV show “Real Time with Bill Mahar” to lecture him on white privilege, after the liberal host was involved in controversy last week after (JOKINGLY) using the N-Word. (scroll down for full video)

Many professionally outraged snowflakes were demanding that bill be fired for his (non- racist) use of the word.

As predictable: Hypocrite liberals ALWAYS eat their own. Bill Mayer like many leftist TV personalities like to constantly lecture ordinary white people on how racist they are, eventually get a taste of their own medicine when their preaching backfires on them.

“White privilege” explained by Ice Cube—a black man so held back in life by white privilege he’s richer than 99% of the average white person—with a Net-Worth reportedly of around $140 million.

Of course using the n-word (or any other racial slur) is only racist when white people do it, because only white people can be racist.

The average snowflake doesn’t give a shit when a black person uses the n-word, yet people go absolutely crazy when a white person uses it (even in a joking manner).

Black people can use the n-word along with racial slurs against white people without any repercussions, such as: cracker, snow chimp, cave beast, genetically inferior white devil etc.

But why would Ice Cube get so offended by the n-word when he joined a rap group called  “Niggaz Wit Attitudes” and has many songs with titles like “The Nigga Ya Love To Hate”.

Either the word is so offensive that no-one is allowed to use it or anyone can use it otherwise it created a double-standard……….. Like when Ice Cube calls Bill Mayer a “Redneck” on his show in response to the n-word controversy……. Isn’t calling a white guy a “Redneck” a racial slur too????

Now onto Symone “oh poor white people” Sanders….. a woman who constantly likes to demonize white people who need to be punished for their inherent racism against black people, yet she victim-blamed the Chicago Kidnap victim and refused to call it a hate crime on CNN, which you can watch here




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