WATCH: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Pushes Narrative That Alexandria Shooter Was “Not Evil”, Just “Tired of Politics”

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer used his platform today to push the narrative that the progressive terrorist who shot up Republicans was “not evil”, and instead just “tired” of the state of politics. (scroll down for video)

Falling just short of an endorsement of the attack, Wolf’s reaction so far is reminiscent of the “punch a Nazi” trend that legitimized violence against anyone you disagree with politically.

The short clip begins with Blitzer playing an interview with someone—presumably a witness to the shooting or friend of the shooter—who says, “I just want people to know that he wasn’t evil, that he was…I guess tired of the some of the politics that was going on.”

As the short interview concludes, the video returns to Wolf, who then says, “that’s what we just heard,” and then he restates the interviewee’s words about not being evil and being tired of politics.

Undeniably, given CNN’s left-leaning bias and history of legitimizing violence against political opposition, there’s no surprise as to why Wolf would do his best to suggest the shooter was justified—either because the state of politics forced him to attack (which implies it’s Trump’s fault for inciting violence) or, at the least, because he was not fundamentally evil.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, CNN consistently misled its viewers by suggesting that Trump supporters were the primary initiators of violence at rallies, when more often than not the exact opposite was true.

In one instance, CNN gave an interview to one of Trump’s would-be assassins, practically glorifying his actions.

You Can Watch The Wolf Blitzer Clip Below:



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