WATCH: Obese BLM Protester Gets Run Over For Blocking The Road

Triggly-Puff looking SJW protester gets a taste of reality after getting run-over at a BLM protest.

The living shit-stain that is Black Lives Matter and their white liberal enablers have gained a reputation for orchestrating these “highway/road protests”, in which the spoiled-brat narcissists “activists” block busy roads to “fight for justice”. (scroll down for video)

Of course: this is a terrible way to gain sympathy for your cause (even IF your cause is a worth-while one), inevitably all you’re going to do is anger random people on their commute to work.

Video starts with a white liberal holding a sigh while shouting “WE WANT JUSTICE!!!”:

An obese protester arrogantly walks up to a car to attempt to block them from passing, as a gang of thugs follow to crowd around to harass the driver yelling, “FUCK YOU!”:

The driver slowly and carefully accelerates forward to attempt to move the idiot protester out of their way…. before driving off running the moron over when they refuse to let the them pass:

The morbidly-obese protester hilariously tumbles over and rolls around the road after getting run-over.

The driver quickly speeds off as the protesters chase after the vehicle.

Stupid college-dwelling twats so arrogant to think they can stand in the middle of the road blocking commuters and think they won’t get run-over, they are molly-coddled brats who’ve never experienced reality or faced adversity.

Thinking they can waltz around whining like over-grown babies and the world will pander to their demands.

But…is it justified to run protesters over who block highways???

Red Pill Philosophy makes the case here.




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