Sikh YouTuber DESTROYS Tariq Nasheed After Getting Him Banned From Twitter: “You Race-Baiting Mother F**ker!”

Bunty King (Annand Virk) tell’s notorious race-baiter and black-supremacist to “suck a fucking dick”, in a video response to Tariq getting him suspended from Twitter. (scroll down to watch Bunty King’s full response video)

Bunty King calls out Nasheed: “What you are, are a demon. You’re a piece of shit race-baiting motherfucker”.

“You’re a person who makes money off of race issues. I don’t give a fuck about money, I care about bringing people together”.

Tariq—the light-brown racist—Nasheed, reportedly got Bunty King’s (a popular Sikh YouTuber) Twitter account suspended after they got into a “race-related” argument on Twitter.

@mrbuntyking’s Twitter account is currently suspended:

The Twitter argument between the two apparently started when Bunty King responded to Traiq’s statements on race issues and calling everyone who disagrees with him a “white supremacist”. Nasheed responded to Bunty King by calling him a “Hapa” (a derogatory term for someone who is mixed-race)… isn’t that racist?.

Tariq resorted to his usual tactic of calling everyone who disagrees with him a “white supremacist”—even if they aren’t white:

Bunty King’s statement on Tariq Nasheed and being suspended on Twitter:

I was recently suspended on Twitter because of Tariq Nasheed

Tariq Nasheed is a failed rapper and pick-up artist that spreads hate to non-poc and poc alike if they do not comply with his ethnic supremacy. He is the black Richard Spencer, if Richard Spencer were to develop the inability to speak correctly.

After several altercations with Nasheed on Twitter, in which I called him out for his racist and divisive agenda, he got his followers to report me and suspend me from Twitter.

A clear indication of his incapability to confront my superior and inclusive ideology head on. We cannot take this on our backs, we must stand up for what is right and not allow him to do this to anyone else on the platform.

People must know of his hypocrisy and his evil agenda built around his own gain to the detriment of colored people







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