NYC Government’s New “Anti-Discrimination” Campaign Excludes White People

New York City just launched a new public service ad campaign informing “minorities” of their rights against discrimination—but of course, the excluded one group of people: whites.

As stated by in an official press release:

Every New Yorker has the right to be themselves without being discriminated against, no matter where they come from, what language they speak, who they love, or their religious faith. At a time when bias incidents are on the rise, this campaign sends a clear message to all New Yorkers that they do have the right to live free from discrimination and harassment and that NYC has your back. In this city, we are all New Yorkers. No one has permission to discriminate against you or your community. If they do, rest assured that the NYC Commission on Human Rights will hold them accountable.

Sounds pretty reasonable right? Well: aren’t you missing someone, city of New York???

Why do all these “anti-discrimination” campaigns always exclude white people? Is it because you can’t be racist or discriminate against white people? Every other race is allowed to say “I’m proud of my heritage” or “black pride” etc, but it’s socially unacceptable to say such things as, “I’m proud to be white”.


“I should have the right to take pride in my heritage,” Do white people have the same right to take pride in their heritage? Well someone already made a parody poster for that:

Of course it’s only ever white countries and nations (USA, UK, Europe) that are expected to be multicultural and ethnically diverse. No one ever says “there are way too many Chinese people in china, send in some crackers or you’re racist!” Why aren’t white people allowed to be nationalists and not have their country and culture die?

It’s the view of Red Pill Philosophy that in an ideal world, people transcend race, but as long as every other racial group aligns tribalistically with their own people, isn’t it a double-standard to condemn whites for doing the same thing?


“I should have the right to speak to my kids in Spanish, without someone telling me to speak English,” If I moved to China I expect that I would have to assimilate, that I would have to learn the language and that if my culture and beliefs didn’t align with China’s I would have to either deal with it or move elsewhere—not attempt to change the values of an entire country just to suit me.


Yeah, we already have laws in place to punish criminals who harm others. Why is it only a “hate crime” if it’s against a “minority”?


LOL. Pretty sure we already have laws against that kind of discrimination anyway.

Why should you have the “right” to wear an item of clothing—of your own choosing—and not be judged for it? By that logic I should have the right to walk around in a clown costume and have the right to complain when people stare at me.

I enjoy this meme:




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