Nigel Farage: I’ll Be Back If Brexit Is Shut Down

Nigel Farage will be back if Brexit is in trouble, “I would have absolutely no choice but to do exactly that”, says the  UKIP party member when asked if he will return back into active politics if Brexit is in jeopardy. (scroll to the bottom for video)

Farage will decide within the next seven days if he will lead UKIP for the fourth time after the loss of his party in the British Election 2017.

UKIP failed to secure a single seat in Parliament after the British General Election and the current leader of the UKIP party Paul Nuttall resignation.

Mr Nuttall said on Nigel’s possible return:“If Nigel Farage wants to come back, I would be more than happy to do a job swap. I’ll take his slot on LBC and he can come back as leader of Ukip.”

The British democratic vote for Brexit remains in limbo as the Parliament leaders are anti-Brexit, including the current leader of the Conservative Party Theresa May and Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Farage called out May on her failure as Prime Minister—many are calling for May to resign as Conservative leader.


Right now Nigel Farage appears to be the only hope left for the people of Britain.

With the current leaders of Britain being Theresa May—an anti-Brexit dinosaur who thinks censorship of the internet is a legitimate “solution” to the threat of Islamic terrorism and slimy socialist shill (borderline communist) Jeremy Corbyn who thinks taxing the rich to pay for everything will fix all of Britain’s problems.

Socialists of course continue to be ignorant of the fact that if you tax the rich too much they will inevitably fuck off to another country that taxes them less — then your socialist utopia crumbles to the ground…………..

Nigel Farage for Prime-minister!!!: 



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