Nicki Minaj Culturally-Appropriates The Roman Empire

Rapper Nicki Minaj commits the ULTIMATE social justice crime—Cultural-Appropriation… But where is the outrage from the SJW’s?.

Well, that’s because “cultural-appropriation” is only a unforgivable crime when white people do it, how convenient.

Here is Nicki Minaj culturally appropriating ancient Roman fashion:


Nicki Minaj can cosplay as an ancient Roman Goddess, but if a white woman braids her hair in a few cornrows the SJW’s and black supremacists throw a fit, cry “RACIST” and complain that white people are “stealing black culture”.


Of course, their is a a huge logical flaw with saying such nonsense like: “black people invented cornrows, so it’s OUR culture and you can’t use it”, or that “white people shouldn’t be allowed to wear or use something another culture has invented”, because wouldn’t that mean you’re not allowed to appropriate white culture? Or use white inventions?.

Why should white land and inventions be for everyone yet white people are racist culture vultures for wearing braids.

If you think everyone should stick to their own culture then white people should be allowed to be offended when their culture and inventions are used by others:


You never hear white people complain about cultural-appropriation when other races speak their language, live in their countries/nations, eat their food, or complain when other races use inventions white people created such as space travel, the internet, computers, TV, cars etc.

When have you ever heard a white person say something as ridiculous as “black people shouldn’t be allowed to drive cars, because white people invented cars… that’s cultural appropriation”. White people would never say such things, I don’t think even KKK members have ever said such things as “black people can’t use the internet, cause white people invented it”.

Cultural appropriation is just more double-standards from SJW’s.





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