MAGA: Leader Of ISIS Al-Baghdadi Killed In Targeted Airstrike

Russia’s Defence Minister announced on Friday that an airstrike targeting a ISIS leader’s meeting near Raqqa killed Abu Al-Baghdadi. The airstrike was carried out on May 28th.

RDM said: According to information, which is being verified via different channels, the meeting was also attended by the IS leader Ibrahim Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was eliminated in the strike.

One of the world’s most wanted terrorists—who had a £20 million bounty on him—was killed along with 30 mid-level/senior commanders leaders and around 300 other fighters.

His death has been reported many times in the past, but all have been false up until now. The Syrian Government made the latest claims of his death last week.

In 2004, Al-Baghdadi was arrested and detained by US forces for some months, after he was released he joined ISIS and became their leader in 2010.

Al-Baghdadi’s has only ever appeared in public once, to give a speech where he claimed the creation of ISIS in a mosque in Mosul, the video was released in June 2014.



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