Lena Dunham Deletes Anti-Father’s Day Tweet: “You Don’t Need a Father”

Obese lesbian Lena Dunham quickly deleted a tweet posted on Father’s Day after receiving immediate backlash from pretty much everyone.

The notorious feminist, who’s constantly moaning about the patriarchy and rape culture, decides to trash men and dads on the one day dedicated to honoring them:

Conservative commentators from Ben Shapiro to Donald Trump Jr. quickly sounded off on the sickening tweet:

Trashing fathers on father’s day is nothing new.

Last year, Old Navy began selling a shirt that essentially said Father’s Day is for women—not men:

Lena appeared to quickly enter damage control, tweeting out a bunch of half-assed statements about the great men in her life:

But Lena’s tasteless tweet is nothing surprising: she has a long history of blaming men for being oppressive evil rapists:



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