J.K. Rowling’s INSANE Twitter Rampage Exposing Male-Feminists

J.K. Rowling just went on an INSANE Twitter rampage, spamming 14 Tweets exposing liberal male-feminists as the two-faced creeps they are.

The male-feminist is a phenomenon in which a man white-knights a woman—pretending to be on her side for the sole purpose of getting laid.

The first Tweet of J.K.’s Rampage: (isn’t it “anti-feminist” to call a woman a “whore”???)

She then goes on to describe how she is “sick of liberal men whose mask slips”. Liberal male-feminists really are the TRUE misogynists, since they only pander to women to get pity sex.

When a male-feminist gets tired of pandering to women, their toxic side bubble’s up to reveal the only motive for being on the women’s team in the first place is the hope that they will reciprocate with sex.

J.K goes on to describe how liberal men will back-stab women when their white-knighting is not rewarded—unmasking themselves as the real misogynists.

Along with many other famous liberal celebrities, J.K Rowling has been called-out by many for her constant elitist virtue-signaling and her hypocrisy for being an advocate for open-borders (despite owning/living in many secluded mansions with secure walls).



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