J.K Rowling And Stephen King Team-Up To Fight Against Trump

In one of the most tragic team-ups the world has ever seen, authors J.K Rowling and Stephen King join forces to battle against President Donald Trump…on Twitter.

I’m sure Trump is quaking in terror at the thought of J.K and King writing mean poems about him.

The team-up started after Stephen King Tweeted:

Prior to King’s claim of Trump blocking him, he tweeted:

Some suspected it was this Tweet from King attacking Ivanka that sparked Trump to block him:

Rich, elitist virtue-signaler J.K responded with:

She then sent a screenshot of Trump’s tweet to King:

J.K Rowling has become a notorious Twitter SJW lately for her daily attacks on Trump/Brexit and her desperate pro-refugee virtue-signaling, telling everyday people that they are racist, Islamophobic bigots if they don’t open their country’s borders to take in countless refugees—despite taking in zero refugees herself when she has many spare bedrooms in her mansions.

Unfortunately for J.K, her blatant double-standards on refugees didn’t go unnoticed as a petition was made for her to take in Muslim refugees in her 18 spare bedrooms on Change.org.

Even though the petition gained over 60,000 signatures J.K hilariously ignored it.





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