Germany Opens Up Its First “Liberal Mosque”… No Burkas Allowed!

Women’s rights activist Seyran Ates describes the mosque as “a dream come true” after her 8 year campaign for a progressive mosque becomes a reality, “I couldn’t be more euphoric. This project was long overdue”.

Seyran Ates leading the prayers in the new liberal “Ibn Rushd-Goethe” mosque:


The liberal mosque is the first of its kind in Germany. The mosque welcomes all: women, men, straight, gay, Sunni and Shiite… BUT no Burkas allowed!.
Muslim women will NOT be allowed into the mosque wearing burkas, veils, headscarf or hijab’s—they are all completely BANNED!.
The campaigner, Seyran Ates says:
No one will be let in with a niqab or burqa veil. This is for security reasons and also it is our belief that full-face veils have nothing to do with religion, but rather are a political statement.

With Germany being home to over 4 million Muslims—from all over the world— this is undoubtedly progress and activist Seyran Ates seems to agree her religion is in need of a re-form:

There’s so much Islamist terror and so much evilness happening in the name of my religion … it’s important that we, the modern and liberal Muslims, also show our faces in public. There won’t be any hate preaching against democracy here, Instead, followers can express doubt about their beliefs and approach their religion with sense and reason instead of blind devotion.

Germany’s new liberal mosque has received lots of positive feedback explains Ates: “I’ve received a few messages via social media, mostly full of expletives, But 95 percent of the feedback has been beautiful and positive.”



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