Drama Queen Films Herself Trashing Manager For Poor Customer Service

Drama Queen goes on a crazy 5 minute rant about foreign customer service, after getting triggered when a restaurant waitress asks her if she wants to come inside (the restaurant that is). (scroll down for video)

At the start of the video she describes how she ordered a meal outside the restaurant, needing the toilet she describes how she walks back inside when the waitress asks her “are you coming inside”.

She got extremely offended for some reason, then grabbed her cell phone to film a rant (filmed vertically, of course).


At around 2:00 minutes in the video she describes talking to the restaurant manager: “So I’m trying to tell him and he just cuts me off and talks over me, he (the manager) goes ‘Why don’t you calm down? Is there something wrong with you?'”


I’m sure most people who work in the hospitality industry can relate to this kind of behavior.




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