DISGUSTING! Woman Assaulted By Muslim Man “For Wearing Mini Shorts During Ramadan”

A woman was sat on her own on a bus in Istanbul, Turkey was assaulted by a Muslim male in an unprovoked attack for “for wearing mini shorts during Ramadan”. (SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO)

CCTV footage shows the woman, Melisa Sağlam, sitting on her own on the bus when she is suddenly struck in the face, as the man passes by before he was about to get off the bus.

The Doğan News Agency reported that the Muslim man told the woman “ARE YOU NOT ASHAMED TO DRESS THIS WAY DURING RAMADAN?“, before cowardly slapping her in the face.


The shocked woman quickly gets up off her seat in defense to confront the vile nasty piece of shit. She attempts to slap the vile filth, but he grabs and pulls her by her hair then viciously shoves her before scurrying off the bus like the scum rat it is.

The shocked woman then crouches down on the floor of the bus appearing to cry, while another passenger attempt to comfort her:

Turkish police issued a warrant for the arrest of the Muslim rat Ercan Kızıltaş and he was later arrested:






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