Did LeBron James Fake a Hate Crime Hoax? Here’s The Evidence

Last week NBA basketball player LeBron James was allegedly the victim of a racial slur being spray painted on the gate of his Los Angeles home…Presumably by a racist white redneck.

But after no evidence was found of the supposed “racist graffiti” the NBA star may now be caught in a Hate Crime hoax.

First of all: LeBron James’ home is in Brentwood Los Angeles— which is an extremely affluent area… What are a bunch of low-life white racist rednecks doing there in the first place???

Here is a picture of the oppressed black man’s home:

The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) demands that Donald Trump apologize to the NBA player after the “recent increase in hate crimes committed” against African Americans since Trump became President.

The NAACP statement and apology request:

We are deeply troubled and disturbed by the heinous acts of racism that occurred on Wednesday. Leaving a noose—a symbol and weapon of hate—in front of the (museum) and vandalizing the home of NBA superstar LeBron James underscore the recent increase in hate crimes committed against African Americans under the Trump administration.

The NAACP will not sit idly while our people continue to be assailed by racist and cowardly actions. Furthermore, we call on the Trump Administration to stand up and speak out against these attacks.

Writer for Outkick The Coverage Clay Travis—who spoke to the Los Angeles police department—broke down the evidence:

What we know so far:

  1. At 6:44 am on Wednesday morning, the day before the NBA Finals began, someone called police to report an incident of racist graffiti at LeBron James’s house.
  2. When police arrived the alleged racist graffiti had already been painted over and police were, according to the LAPD, provided a photo of what the graffiti on the gate had looked like.
  3. There is no surveillance video of the alleged crime and the picture has not been publicly released.

The graffiti “racial slur” was painted over before the LA police arrived

Why would you erase incriminating evidence before you report a crime to the police?

Now, before we move forward, it’s important to remember that LeBron James endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016. He’s also shilled himself out in commercials for Obamacare, which he was probably paid to do. LeBron has made his stance clear: he sides with the establishment.

Okay, back to the evidence.

We know that the police were called at 6:44 am, that’s very early hours in the morning and it doesn’t give somebody much time to paint over the graffiti – also it would only had been about an hour of daylight at that time.

Did they also just so happen to have the exact right color of paint lying around too?

If graffiti was spray painted and quickly removed… how do we even know this “hate crime” even happened at all? Is word-of-mouth “evidence”?

The gate of the NBA star’s home:

There is no security camera footage according to the LAPD spokesperson.

First of all: Since when does an athlete, celebrity and best basketball player in the world living in a $21 million mansion not have a Security camera system aimed at the front gate of his house?

Like many celebrity’s LeBron employs security guards to protect him and his family…Yet he doesn’t have security cameras outside his mansion?

The culprit would have been quickly identified and the crime would have been solved. Or maybe he does have security cameras but they just so happened to be not working on the night when the alleged crime took place?

Essentially, there is no proof for we, the public, proving this hate crime even happened.

So we have no security camera footage of the perpetrator committing the crime and the only “evidence” we even have for proof that this crime even happened at all is word-of-mouth—since the real evidence (the graffiti) was erased before the police even arrived onto the scene. If you feel that you are a victim of a hate crime, you could contact Brown Bradshaw criminal defense lawyers who specialise in this area.

This could be another case of a fake Hate Crime. Many (hundreds) of the so-called “Hate Crimes” committed by racist white people (post Donald Trump’s election) have turned out to be fake: See fake hate crime database here.





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