Anti-Trump Mexicans Attempt To Drink Away Their Butt-Hurt Over Trump’s Wall

Mexican/US beer brewers produced a new beer “Amigous Cerveza” which depicts Donald Trump as a Nazi Mexican Mariachi—complete with swastikas, in an attempt to drink away their butt-hurtness over Trump’s wall.

The new line of beer was revealed in Mexico City on Thursday.

CEO of the Mexican brewery, Fernando Rincon said “All over Mexico there’s little affection towards Trump and so, any production that goes out to the market mocking him will be well received by the people of Mexico”.

Mexicans appear to remain extremely butt-hurt that Trump and Americans wants to take action against their reputation for illegally immigrating into the US… how dare he.

Luis Enrique de la Reguera, CEO of “Cru Cru” brewery said, “At the end we made a funny irony, because it’s a very bitter beer – like he is – and we added mango, which made the beer orange – like he is – so everything ended up fitting…”

… But what Luis meant to say was, “We’re still extremely salty at Trump’s plan to build a wall along Mexico’s border, to attempt to stop us from illegally immigrating into the US, that we added mango flavor to sweeten our salty tears.”

Donald Trump still plans to build the 3,200 kilometer wall to help stop illegal immigration into the US and send undocumented people caught at the boarder back to Mexico.




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