WATCH: Knife-Wielding Woman Attacks Man, But Then He Hits Back…HARD!

A video posted to WorldStarHipHop shows a morbidly-obese aggressive woman attacking a man with a knife, eventually forcing him to throw a chair at her, knocking her out cold. (scroll down for video)

At the start of the video the woman is seen shouting while wielding a knife at the man before attempting to strike him.

The man quickly throws out his arm in defense, but is struck by the woman, forcing him to back away, disappearing off-camera:

Moments later, though, the man reappears with a chair in his hand, threatening to lob it at her:

And now, at this point, we witness once again the White Knight Effect: the moment the man attempts to fight back, everyone in the vicinity rushes in to protect the woman:

Despite bystanders’ attempts to neutralize the fight, the woman goes in for another strike—but the man quickly slams the chair at her, knocking her to the ground.

As the man walks away from the fight a crowd immediately circles around the knocked-out woman to make sure she is okay.

This is just further proof of how the concept of a man hitting a woman (even in self-defense) is deemed such a terrible thing.

In 2015, Red Pill Philosophy released a super-viral video called “Women Get A Taste Of The Gender Equality They’ve Always Wanted” showing men defending themselves against violent women, the video was quickly deleted and censored by YouTube for “hate speech”.

You Can Watch The Full Fight Video Here:



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