Trump Trashes Kathy Griffin In Searing Early-Morning Tweet

On Tuesday evening a video was released of Kathy Griffin holding a mock bloody severed head of President Donald Trump as a “joke”.

Unsurprisingly she received immediate backlash from the internet as the images quickly went viral—many were comparing it to an ISIS beheading video.

The outrage became so bad that Kathy quickly put out a desperate apology video:

But it was too little, too late.

Soon, big names and sponsors began pulling their support for Kathy, including the makers of a toilet product, Squatty Potty, whose CEO denounced the beheading photos as contrary to their “culture of decency, civility, and tolerance”:

The Mirage Hotel:

The Church of Satan:

Satan’s Daughter, Chelsea Clinton:

And now, even the President of the United States chimed in, absolutely eviscerating Kathy’s tasteless publicity stunt:

Even Trump’s infamous¬†first-response Twitter trolls agree with him:



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