“Dear White People”: Netflix’s New Show Glorifies Anti-White Racism/Aggression

Netflix is continuing the trend of corporate white-bashing by releasing a new show called “Dear White People.” (scroll down to watch the trailer)

Worst of all, the trailer seems to glorify aggression against white people. Of course, we shouldn’t judge an entire season by the trailer but anyone who chooses to watch the show using a Piratebay proxy should keep an eye on this concerning theme.

A trailer for the new series was just released on the official Netflix YouTube channel, and expectedly this SJW-pandering is getting disliked to hell:

Even to my amazement, the trailer centers around the topic of cultural appropriation and what Halloween costumes white people are allowed to wear, a bizarre trend and favorite among SJWs in recent years.

“Dear white people,” begins the trailer, narrated by a light-brown female, “here’s a list of acceptable Halloween costumes: pirates, slutty nurse, any of our first forty-three presidents. Top of the list of unacceptable costumes? Me!”

The trailer descends into a flash of different scenes from the upcoming show, including this particularly telling one where a black woman viciously tears a Bab Marley dreadlock hair costume off the face of a scrawny white guy:

Of course, the above scene might remind you of a very real and violent attack by a black woman onto a white guy last year at San Francisco University, where the white dude was insulted, threatened, and eventually assaulted by an angry black woman because he wore dreadlocks:

It’s not a stretch to say that this new Netflix show “Dear White People” is glorifying real-world violence against white people.

But of course, the enabling of black people’s anti-white racism is a major cash-cow for Hollywood.

Watch The Trailer for “Dear White People” Below:



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