White Knight Extravaganza! 10+ Men Brawl After Guy Accidentally Hits His Own Girlfriend

Over a dozen white knights mindlessly defended a woman from a non-existent threat after a man accidentally hit her while beefing with another guy. (scroll down for video)

The video begins with the boyfriend about to fight another guy:

However, his girlfriend is doing everything in her power to stop him:

Then, as he attempts to swing, he accidentally hits his girlfriend:

Uh-oh: that’s a fatal mistake: hitting women in a feminist culture that says “men should never hit women—even in self-defense—just walk away.”

Multiple men in the crowd suddenly begin shouting “ooh, he hit a girl! He hit a girl,” even though the boyfriend clearly regrets what happened and is attempting to nurture her.

But in the blind rage of defending women from the “evil oppressive all-powerful man”, the white knights begin chanting “he hit a girl” and closing in on the boyfriend like some creepy cult:

“Are you fucking kidding me!” shouts one man to the boyfriend, as the boyfriend pleads, “I didn’t hit her!”, but of course what he meant was, “I’m her boyfriend, I hit her by accident!”

But in the blind rage of white knighthood, reason bares no influence as the punches are thrown:


Watch the Full Video Of the Scuffle Here:

The knee-jerk, mindless impulse of men to sweep in and save the damsel in distress is a cause of many ills in our society.

Of course domestic abuse is a terrible thing—no matter what gender is involved, but that doesn’t mean we should blindly defend women without understanding the context of each situation.

Back in 2015, I released an ultra-mega-viral video that was quickly deleted and censored by YouTube, all because it showed men defending themsevles against crazy violent bitches.

Although the video was deleted by YouTube as “hate speech”, as well as by Facebook, you can watch the viral censored video here.



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