WATCH: Man Knocks Woman Out Cold After She Hits Him – Gender Equality or Just Wrong?

Recently released surveillance footage shows college football player Joe Mixon punching a woman and knocking her out during an altercation—but was it in self-defense? (scroll down for video)

I suppose the question isn’t whether or not it was self-defense, but rather: are men allowed to defend themselves against violent women?

Because any cursory examination of the footage reveals that Joe was, in fact, reacting to the female who originally hit him—twice, in fact, before he ever touched her.

Here is the first time she touches him:

Despite being pushed, Joe restrains himself, and then the female attacks him again, this time slapping him near the face:

It’s then, at this point, that Joe finally retaliates, swinging one, brutal punch, knocking her out cold as she falls and smashes her head on a nearby table before fully collapsing on the floor.

You Can Watch the Full Video of the Altercation Here:

Despite the fact that she struck him twice before he ever hit back, the mainstream media has been unanimous in its condemnation of Joe—all too similar to the Ray Rice incident from 2014 which, upon examination of the video evidence, revealed that his fiance, Janay Palmer, had actually initiated the physical violence by slapping him in the face, as you can see in my video breakdown of it here.

But is there ever a point where hitting a woman in self-defense is justified?

As I argued on Twitter this morning:

I’d argue that, when it comes to the small minority of crazy violent bitches, they are well aware that they’ve got a pussy-pass to go around hitting guys because “men should never hit women.”

I’d say that the very notion that “men should never hit women—even in self defense—just walk away!” actually EMBOLDENS and ENABLES some women to go around hitting and disrespecting men with no consequences.

In March 2015, I released a viral video called “Women Get a Taste of the Gender Equality They’ve Always Wanted”, showing men defending themselves against crazy violent bitches.

The video was quickly deleted and censored by YouTube, because they said it was “hate speech.”

Facebook later deleted the video too, so I was ultimately forced to upload the censored video to my website, which you can watch 100% uncensored here.

Speaking of Gender Equality:



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