WATCH: CNN Reporter Caught LAUGHING During Segment on White #BLMKidnapping Victim

Sickening footage has surfaced showing CNN reporter Sara Ganim laughing with pleasure while footage played of the white victim in the #BLMKidnapping case. (scroll down for video)

The CNN clip begins with footage of the kidnapping, and Wolf Blitzer asking, “Sara, how long was it being live-streamed on Facebook?”

A two-second moment of silence passes, and then suddenly the camera cuts to Sara who has a huge grin on her face and lets out a short giggle before realizing she’s on camera and resumes her newspeak persona.

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Wolf, clearly realizing the gaffe, restates his question to her, fumbling over his words, “Sara how long was this being face streamed live on Facebook?”

Sara then—like a true media puppet professional—goes right back into her act as if nothing happened, a true sign of her deceptiveness and heartlessness:

CNN has been on a roll this week covering the #BLMKidnapping.

Just yesterday, CNN panelist Simone Sanders blamed Donald Trump for the kidnapping, while also denying that it was a hate crime.

During the same segment, Don Lemon concluded that the live-streamed-torturing was “not evil”:



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