WATCH: Black Man Rants Against MLK Day Violence: “Black People Can’t Do Anything Right!”

A black man from Miami decided to pull out his camera and rant after a shooting broke out during an MLK Day parade. (scroll down for video)

“I brought my children out here,” begins the man, “They shootin’ already, we can’t do nothing’ man! We can’t do nothing’ right man!”

The black man continues, “There was a little girl on top of the police car shot and blood dripping from her leg—it’s Martin Luther King holiday!”

Suddenly, a group of black people appear on camera, running by scared for their lives:

“Look! Look at the people running,” says the man, filming the chaos as scores of blacks run by, screaming amid the sound of police and ambulance sirens.

The man then concludes, “You see what I’m sayin!? This shit crazy man! You know we can’t do nothin’ together!  We out here running for our lives, we out here shootin’, we got helicopters…”

And then the man mentions something that is particularly interesting to me, as a Cuban myself:

“You know, the Cubans have Calle Ocho (an annual celebration on the streets of Miami) all day, they can do Calle Ocho all day, no problem man. A million damn Cubans in the street, all day, with no problem man! Look at us! We out here running! We out here shootin’ at each other!”

You Can Watch The Black Man’s Rant Video Below:



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