WATCH: Al Jazeera Says “Millennials Are Amazing Because 43% Aren’t White”

Although nothing can top MTV News’ “New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys” video, Al Jazeera Plus may come in as a close second. (scroll down for video)


On December 28th, the organization’s Facebook page released a video titled “Don’t Blame Them – Millennials Are Amazing”, which provided 5 reasons for why the most dumb, broke, and spoiled generation in recent memory is so “great.”First on their list? Well:

That’s right: apparently Millennials are awesome because a diminishing number of them are white—and I thought “white genocide” was just a conspiracy theory:Though, just before the “43% are non-white” frame, the creators of the Al Jazeera video were smart to include this:

Ah, yes: you’re not just blatantly anti-white, you’re just “pro-diversity.”

But the video isn’t finished yet. After informing viewers that 43% of Millennials are non-white, it twists the knife just a little bit more:

LOL: so wait a minute. Not only are white people becoming an increasing minority, they’re also the most non-white of “any other generation in U.S. history”?

If that’s not openly applauding and hoping for the extinction of white people, what is?

At this point, the video just continues trolling whites, cutting to this shot of a person in “white face” looking shocked:

Haha, Al Jazeera, real funny.


The video’s anti-white agenda shouldn’t be a surprise, though, considering that Al Jazeera is essentially owned, or at least partially funded, by the government of Qatar—a mostly Arab nation that, ironically, still practices slavery today.

According to Wikipedia, “The original Al Jazeera channel was launched 1 November 1996 by an emiri decree with a loan of 500 million Qatari riyals (US$137 million) from the Emir of Qatar [head of state], Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa.[39][40] By its funding through loans or grants rather than direct government subsidies, the channel claims to maintain independent editorial policy.”



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