WATCH: Axe-Wielding Female Slashes Customers at 7-Eleven

Well…this is fuckin disturbing.

An axe-wielding woman walked into a 7-Eleven in Sydney, Australia and began hacking away at 2 customers. (scroll down for video)

The disturbing surveillance footage begins as the 24-year-old blonde female enters the convenience store, axe in hand, then disappears into the back, off-camera:

Eventually, a man appears and gets in line behind another woman:

Then, the axe-woman appears on-screen, and begins talking to the man, and after about 20 seconds of inaudible chatter, as the man moves forward in line to pay, the woman raises the axe and powerfully strikes the man in the face:

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As the man falls to the floor, she then takes the axe to another customer’s back, swinging viciously:

Then, as causally as she walked in, she walks out of the store and away from the scene of the crime.

You Can Watch The Graphic Video Below:

They say a man should never hit a woman, even in self-defense. Well, how about when she’s a axe-wielding maniac slashing you in the face?

In early 2015, I released an ultra-mega-viral video with over 14 million views that YouTube deleted/censored as “hate speech”, all because it showed men defending themselves against crazy violent bitches.

Although YouTube (and Facebook) censored/deleted the video, you can still watch it here on my site.



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