DISGUSTING: Liberals Bully/Attack 16-Year-Old Singer Jackie Evancho For Performing at Trump’s Inauguration

Intolerant liberals have reached a new low in their desperate denial of Trump’s historical presidential victory: bullying 16-year-old singer Jackie Evancho for agreeing to perform at the President-elect’s inauguration:

This liberal had the audacity to directly ask the young girl about sexual topics, suggesting that Trump sexually molested her at the age of 10:

Others bullied her with threats that her career (and livelihood) would come to an end if she performed at the inauguration:

Others lobbed direct curses at her, keep it classy libs:

However, despite the backlash, Jackie displayed true courage, refusing to back down—and it paid off! Her album sales have SKYROCKETED as countless Trump supporters began buying her CDs.

As TMZ reports:

Jackie Evancho is defying what seems to be conventional entertainment wisdom — that singing at Donald Trump‘s inauguration is career-threatening — because she just shot to #1 on the charts.

We’re told since the America’s Got Talent runner-up has signed on to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” on January 20th, her weekly album sales quadrupled in digital downloads and in retailer as well.  In fact her album, “Someday at Christmas,” had to be restocked twice.

Jackie’s album jumped to #1 on the Billboard Classical Albums chart.

Liberals are having trouble grasping the fact that pop culture is quickly jumping off the Democratic ship and moving over to the Trump Train.

In December 2016, Kanye West met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower, just weeks after admitting in a series of concert rants that he would have voted for Trump.

Despite the liberal outrage, Kanye acted like finally someone with balls and did not back down to the public backlash:



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