Based Student Schools SJW Teacher on Gender Pay Gap, Teacher Responds: “Statistics Are Bullcrap!”

Only in the fuckin’ Twilight Zone would a teacher—teacher!—tell his own students that “statistics are bullshit.”

And yet, that’s exactly what a teacher did to his own students when one of them challenged him on the gender pay gap myth—and it was all caught on camera. (scroll down for video)

“What are your statistics for women getting paid less than men?” asks the student to the SJW teacher.

“Honestly,” the teacher responds, “as I said, I could look at [the statistics] now, it’s more of a common sense phenomenon…There are not as many females in leadership positions, and your argument for that was that a woman gets pregnant.”

Student: “No, that’s not what my argument was, my argument was that women don’t go into those fields as often as men.”

The intellectual skirmish continues back and forth, until the student pulls out the raw data and numbers:

Student: “There’s 101,000 women going into health technologies, these are all lower paying fields.”

Teacher (with the strawman): “So, what you’re saying is that women don’t have any aspirations to…—”

Student: “No, I’m saying that women choose to go into the fields that they’re interested in, and these are the fields that they’re interested in, making less money.”

And it’s at this point that the teacher finally snaps under the pressure of facts and logic:

Teacher: “I know statistics are bullcrap! I can make up statistics and they’re bullcrap! I’ve used them. I’ve done it. I’ve actually taken classes from people who do statistics for their own country…And they tell you that statistics are bullcrap so when you keep on doin’ the statistics—is a bullcrap argument! And you can’t see through that!”

You Can Watch The Full Debate Here:



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