WATCH: Cat Attacks Overgrown Man-Child While Opening Christmas Gifts

An overgrown man-child had his Christmas ruined when a cat attacked him, resulting in a trip to the hospital and multiple stitches. (scroll down for video)

Uploaded to Facebook on Christmas eve 2016, the 7-second video begins with what appears to be a 25-year-old male (or older) giddily opening a Christmas gift:

The cat-in-question appears near the bottom of the screen and is clearly startled as the overgrown man-child begins tearing the wrapping paper off:

Upon realizing the gift was a brand new PlayStation, the grown adult begins screaming in a high-pitched voice, fidgeting hysterically:

And then, after being startled by the man-child’s infantile love-fest over another useless consumer good, the cat reappears on screen, leaps forward, and attacks him:

This was the result:

Watch the Full Cat Attack Video Here:

Posted by Jessica Freeman on Saturday, December 24, 2016

Unfortunately, some people are using this incident as proof that cats are evil:

However, it’s little more than anecdotal evidence, such as this video which surfaced in 2014 showing a cat saving a young child from a vicious dog:

To be fair, I’m not necessarily siding with the cat that attacked the guy opening the Christmas gift.

It is definitely possible that this cat was an insufferable, perpetually-misbehaved piece of shit.

On the other hand, I find something extremely annoying about overgrown man-children getting stupidly excited over retard-distraction consumers goods otherwise known as “Christmas gifts”.

If anything, this incident served as a wake up call to the unnecessarily delusional infatuation with this silly gift-exchanging distraction:



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