WATCH: Azealia Banks Exposes Herself As Spirit-Cooker, Sacrificing Chickens!

Light-brown racist Azealia Banks has released a video of herself cleaning up the dried blood/feathers of chickens. (scroll down for video)

“The amount of crap that’s about to come off my floor right now guys,” says the notoriously anti-white rapper, “oh my god”:

She then flips the camera around, unveiling this horrific mess in her own home, and saying, “Three years worth of brujeria [witchcraft]”:

Then, in an act arguably more disgusting than some of her past anti-white rants (including saying, “I hate everything about [America]. Like, I hate fat white Americans.”), Azealia then reveals a sandblaster:

Then bends over and begins scraping the dried chicken blood and feathers off the floor:

During the unsettling video, Azealia also said, “Real witches do real things”, which is eerily reminiscent of the recent spirit cooking revelations uncovered through WikiLeaks, where admitted Satanist Marina Abramovic invited Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta to a “spirit cooking dinner”, of which public displays of the ritual include ingesting semen, blood, and breast milk while painting walls with pig’s blood.

Azealia was banned from Twitter in 2016 after coming out in support of Donald Trump—though, the mainstream media claims it’s because she went on a racist rant against Muslim pop star Zayn Malik.

However, that seems unlikely, given that Azealia spent years online racistly attacking whites with no consequences. No, in fact her suspension from Twitter came only days after she had come out in support of Donald Trump for president, which is a much more likely explanation for her suspension, as I document in this video here:



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