Tucker Carlson Destroys Brown Racist Tariq Nasheed—AGAIN!

Brown racist Tariq Nasheed, who has a paranoid-schizophrenic fear of the powerful, superior white man (i.e. “white supremacy”), got utterly obliterated by Tucker Carlson today—AGAIN! (scroll down for video)

Tucker brought this brown racist onto his show to discuss this tweet:

With no evidence that Trump has appointed members of a “white supremacists sect that literally throw up Nazi salutes”, Tariq the Troll foolishly attempted to defend his baseless claims.

Watch The Full Video Here:

Tariq “The Brown Racist” Nasheed is a pathetic individual.

While claiming that he lives under a system of white supremacy, he simultaneously flaunts how his anti-white-supremacy film “Hidden Colors” is the top documentary on Amazon.com:

So the question Tariq needs to answer is: if white supremacy is so oppressive and powerful, how is his documentary exposing it so popular among a nation of white people on hosted on one of the most powerful white-owned retail corporations in the world (Amazon.com)?

Exactly, Tariq…



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