Racist George Lopez Calls Tiger Woods “White Dude” For Playing Golf With Trump

Racist Mexican supremacist George Lopez unleashed a hate-filled attack on renowned professional golfer Tiger Woods, calling him a “white dude” for playing golf with President-elect Donald Trump. (scroll down for video)

“That’s just a couple of white dudes playing golf,” said George.

When asked by the TMZ reporter if Tiger had sold out (his race), George said:

Listen, you have to ask Tiger, but you know…Listen…all the golfers are Republicans, everybody knows that.

Uh…what George?

George continued:

So Tiger is a Republican, Tiger voted for Trump. So, you know, you vote for Trump, that would be your dude that you would wanna golf with. I didn’t vote for Trump, so I wouldn’t golf with him.

Watch the Full Video Here:

This isn’t the first time a racist Mexican has attacked a black Trump supporter.

Earlier this year, a black homeless woman was physically assaulted by what appeared to be Mexicans when she attempted to defend Trump’s Walk of Fame sidewalk star after it had been defaced by a liberal.

Watch My Video Breakdown Of The Incident Here:

George Lopez is the same race-obsessed retard who once said, after his ABC TV show was cancelled, that “TV just became really, really white again.”

On Twitter, liberal bullies are already going after Tiger, attacking his reputation and livelihood simply for having his own political preferences:



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