Desperate Liberals Suggest Kanye West Is A Russian Agent After Meeting With Trump

Today was a really bad day for liberals:

Yes indeed: when Kanye West showed up at Trump Tower and stood next to the Don, arms crossed and all but scowling at the media, a major blow was dealt to a cherished liberal narrative: “republicans are racist, no black person could support Trump”:

But in the wake of this epic meeting, liberals have desperately tried to ruin the moment by suggesting that Kanye West is either a Russian agent or, at the very least, a pawn being used by Russia to distract from Trump’s ties to Putin:

Though, the majority of liberals have concocted a bizarre conspiracy theory that Kanye West is some kind of pawn in some larger Russian conspiracy, suggesting that the rapper was used by Trump to distract from allegations that his recent Secretary of State pick Rex Tillerson has ties to Moscow:

Really? But how do you know that? How do you know Trump called Kanye? Maybe it was the other way around. After all, Kanye just recently left the psych ward at the UCLA Medical Center after being hospitalized against his will just days after endorsing Trump in a series of live concert rants:

The Russia conspiracy theory is just the latest proof of liberal sore loserdom as they concoct endless series off last-ditch initiatives to invalidate the election.



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