WATCH: Bird-Dogging Liberal Assaults Trump Supporter at Eric Trump Event

Video has surfaced of what is likely another professional agitator paid to “bird-dog”. (scroll down for video)

“Bird-dogging”: a term used by democrat party officials to describe sending an operative into Trump rallies to incite violence by provoking, agitating, and even attacking.

The video begins with a shot of Eric Trump speaking to what appears to be a small crowd of supporters. Suddenly, a dissenting voice shouts, “How much respect does [Trump] have for this country?”


Eric Trump responds, “we’ll gain a lot of respect as a country.” The crowd then boos the protester, and he skulks away like the vermin he is.

Then, the person shooting the video, Benjamin Knight of “We The Vigilant“, approaches the heckler and asks, “What are your thoughts on WikiLeaks proving that Hillary broke USC 182071?”

Suddenly—and in a move right out of the bird-dogging playbook—the agitator spins around and throws a weak punch at the cameraman, nearly knocking the camera out of his hands (assault, by the way).


The bird-dogger snears, “get that out of my face! Did I give you permission to shoot (film) me?” —even though he’s in public property and, with no reasonable expectation of privacy, is not legally protected from being filmed.

Benjamin, refusing to put his camera down, says, “I can shoot (film) you in public buddy. I can shoot you as much as I want.”

Then, in a move that people who hate being filmed often do, the bird-dogger pulls out his cellphone camera and begins filming Benjamin, as if that’s some kind of refutation to his questions about Hillary.

The hostile confrontation continues for a few minutes.

Watch the Full Video of the Confrontation Here:



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