DISGUSTING: Liberals Assault, Taunt, and Torment Homeless Woman For Defending Trump’s Walk of Fame Star

More and more, it becomes apparent that liberals are the true violent aggressive bullies.

Video has surfaced of a homeless black woman being assaulted, pushed to the floor, and then taunted by anti-Trump leftists. (scroll down for video)

Her crime? She chose to stand guard and defend Trump’s walk of fame star on Hollywood Boulevard which was recently defaced by a vandal.

The video begins with a group of angry, Mexican-accented people stealing the homeless woman’s signs, shredding them in half and tossing them on the street:


In a desperate shuffle, the woman attempts to defend what little property she owns from the rabid crowd, but is outnumbered.

And then, between the multiple aggressors, including one fat guy who pushes himself into her face, using his leg to trip the woman. She falls and lies motionless on the floor.

But as if that wasn’t enough, the onlookers then proceed to taunt her as she lays on the ground, tossing signs on her face.

One “liberal” says, “Didn’t I tell you, about 5 minutes ago, that somebody was going to walk by here…and no I would not defend you, because you spew hate!”

Ironic: the woman standing idly on a sidewalk is “spewing hate” because she supporters Trump? What about a gang of bullies stealing and destroying her property for having a different opinion? Is that “hate”?

Then, while the woman is still lying motionless on the floor, another woman (with a Mexican accent) says, “where’s Donald Trump to save you now, huh?”

Then, the rest of the crowd jumps in on what is clearly fun to them, “Hey where Donald at?”

Another one yells, “Where Trump at?”

The taunting then continues for a few more minutes until the video ends.

Watch the Video for Yourself Here:



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