VIDEO: Male Trump Supporter Assaulted by Female

“You about to get yo ass beat, nigga!” These were the words uttered by a “black” female anti-Trump protester. (scroll down for video)

The victim was a male Trump supporter who was simply exercising a little something called “The First Amendment”, otherwise known as free speech as he stood on a sidewalk with a pro-Trump sign.

But as far as the video suggests, the man was assaulted simply for stating his opinion.

The video begins with the “black” female (whose skin color is actually more light-brown) screaming hysterically at the Trump supporter, “…the people that made us separated, blacks and whites, that’s Donald Trump, so what’s up?!”

Then, a black male who is apparently friends with the woman, shouts something along the lines of “illegal immigrants won’t be deported [by Trump]!”

The Trump supporter, who also filmed the incident, then replies, “he said illegals aren’t going home! They’re going home! Illegals are going home!”

But this seemed to be the breaking point for the loud female, who begins walking directly towards the Trump supporter while shouting, “You about to get yo ass beat, nigga! I got no problem squarin’ up with a nigga. I got no problem squarin’ up with a nigga!”

As she repeatedly shouts this, she gets right up in his face, shouts it again, and then appears to either punch him in the head or the camera, to which he responds, “Assault! Assault!”

The woman then proceeds to deny she assaulted him, even though the entire incident was caught on camera.

Watch the Full Assault Video Below:

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