DESTROYED! Woman Gets a Taste of Gender Equality After Punching Man

A viral video has surfaced showing a man resorting to the most brutal attack after being physically assaulted by a female. (scroll down for video)

The video shows an obese woman, undeniably roided up on feminism, exercising her “female empowerment” by invading the man’s space and repeatedly saying, “What’s up!? What’s up!?”

As is common in videos like these, the man is forced to remain extremely calm and patient, including compensating for any lack of calmness exhibited by the unruly female. He repeatedly tells the female while backing away from her advances, “Get out of my face, you better get out of my face!”

But the entitled female, who is protected by the non-gender-equality principle of “men shouldn’t hit women”, continues her advances nonetheless, forcing the male to walk backwards to evade her.

equality 2

But everyone has their limits–yes, even men, who under incompatible notions of chivalry are expected to endure a woman’s hostility without defending themselves–and the man finally starts to nudge her away from him.

This, however, only angers the obese female who, like a rhinoceros, bulldozes into the man and eventually punches his face. And, like any cornered man would understandably do, the male in the video finally snaps and unleashes all hell onto her. (scroll down to watch it)

The video is just one of a wide selection that I’ve filed over the past year or so, adding to a diverse library of incidents where females—roided up on feminism—walk around through life empowered enough to assault men, yet too weak to handle it when they fight back.

In fact, last year, I released a super-viral video called “Women Get a Taste of the Gender Equality They’ve Always Wanted”, showing men defending themselves against crazy, violent women. YouTube swiftly DELETED and CENSORED my video, calling it “hate speech”. You can watch my deleted/censored video here.

Watch the video for yourself:



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