VIDEO: Trump Supporter Gets Attacked by Mob of Bernie Sanders Supporters

Video has surfaced from California of a Trump supporter getting jumped, attacked, pushed, and mobbed by a mindless crowd of pro-Bernie Sanders zombies. (scroll down for video)

The footage is just more proof of who the violent, unhinged maniacs are: ANTI-TRUMP PROTESTERS.

While the mainstream media–which works for the establishment and greatly fears a Trump presidency–tells its dumbed-down gullible viewers that TRUMP supporters are the violent ones, the truth is that 9 times out of 10, the supposed “violence” at Trump rallies is nothing more than SELF-DEFENSE against professional anti-Trump hecklers.

The mere fact that the media would so blatantly lie and absolve Bernie supporters of personal responsibility is one of many key factors that motivated me to vote for Trump.

But ultimately, it’s become apparent that to be pro-Trump is to be anti-safe space, and apparently simply stating “Make America Great Again” will trigger SJWs into a temper-tantrum.

Watch the Full Assault Video Below:



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