VIDEO: Creepy Woman Sexually Assaults Male Passenger on Subway

The footage begins with the female sitting low and slouched on her seat, legs spread wide, while looking over at the man next to her with an apparent “come hither” expression.

Taking notice, the male (who is minding his own business with headphones on), is visibly uncomfortable with the situation.

(NOTE: nothing makes a horny woman angrier than rejection. She will go batshit crazy on you.)

The female then reaches over to grab his arm, and after refusing to be grabbed, the female then reaches into her pants and appears to begin masturbating. (scroll down for video)

Subways, and overall public transportation, have been the center endless controversy thanks to arguably “sexist” ads like these:


rape 2

So what’s so controversial about these? Well, the implication in them is that only MEN sexually assault others (primarily women). It’s particularly annoying when feminists fund ads like these, calling for gender equality, yet completely ignoring the fact that sometimes, women do indeed sexually harass men (as evidenced by the video below).

And why is it mostly feminist organizations that put out ads like these? You’d think if this was an unbiased public service announcement for ALL victims of sexual assault, that it would be gender-neutral. Now, some would argue that women are sexually assaulted far more than men, but I’ve heard some statistics to the contrary, and it is also true that some men won’t report being assaulted by a woman because they’d be stigmatized as weak.Go ahead, say it: “Mr. Chris Delamo, you are a sexist woman-hating piece of shit!” Okay, whatever: such unfounded claims are getting real cliched:

Watch the Sexual Assault Video Below:



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