Empowered Non-Whiny Black Man OBLITERATES #BlackLivesMatter: “We’re Killing Each Other!”

The disturbingly racist terror-cult known as #BlackLivesMatter has done more to destroy race relations in America than probably the KKK has in recent memory. But it seems one “black” man is tired of their hypocritical whining. (scroll down for video)

“If black lives really mattered,” said former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis in a Facebook video uploaded today, “then in Chicago alone the murder rate has soared 72% in 2016, 88% in the first 3 months of 2016 compared to last year. I’m trying to ask the question to the organization of black lives matter: if they really mattered, then why not riot now?” (scroll down for video)

Well Ray, unfortunately, the ONLY rational explanation for why #BlackLivesMatter ignores astronomically high black-on-black murder rates is because it contradicts their anti-white racist black-supremacist agenda. Period.

Whether it’s one influential “leader” of the #BLM movement tweeting this:

Or if it’s the never-ending series of race-hoaxes (not to be confused with rape-hoaxes, of which there are plenty), it seems the sole purpose of #BlackLivesMatter isn’t to fight for black lives, but to use dead black people as a COVER for a racist anti-white, pro-black agenda.

You know, I tweeted this out the other day:

And it’s true: I wasn’t raised to think along the lines of race, but instead to see past it, and to not cling to generalized hatred of large groups of people. In other words, I was raised to never judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, that is all #BlackLivesMatter ever does.

From presuming that having white skin means you’ve never struggled in life because of “white privilege”, to the paranoid-schizophrenic tendency to see racism where none exists, it seems #BLM has unnecessarily CREATED an aggressive racial atmosphere which—you goddamn right—was NOT the product of “evil racist white people”, for the most part.

Do racist white people exist? Of-fucking-course. But everybody already knows white people can be racist, it’s broadcast 24/7 in the mainstream media. As I elaborated in another tweet:

So, to today’s empowered non-whiny future-of-the-black-race black man Mr. Ray Lewis, I say that the only rational explanation for why #BlackLivesMatter never riots over black self-destruction is…well, because they don’t ACTUALLY care about black lives, or rather, they only care insofar as their underlying communistic-collectivist agenda behind it is propelled. Otherwise, any time an individualistic, skeptical black man like you questions their racist and retarded narrative, you get ousted from the club, called derogatory anti-black terms like “coon” or “Uncle Tom”,  and viciously attacked as if #BlackLivesSuddenlyDontMatter.

Watch Ray’s Complete Rant Video Below:



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