Popular Muslim YouTuber Comes Out In Support of Trump, Endures Vicious Backlash

Don’t you love it when a movement that claims to be “pro-” a certain group of people comes out and attacks a member of that group of people? You know, like when feminists attack women for being traditional and feminine, or in today’s case, when “tolerant” liberals who claim to be pro-Muslim attack a Muslim man for saying he supports Donald Trump.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to a Muslim YouTuber by the name of Karim Metwaly, whose channel is called “Are We Famous Now.” (scroll down for video)

In a new video released yesterday, Karim courageously stood up and voiced his support for a man who’s been lied about by the mainstream media more than any other presidential candidate I’ve ever seen in my life. In his video, Karim says:

With everything that’s going on, I think it’s time for a change. And I think we can definitely take this risk that is much needed right now to see how Donald Trump will run our country. I support Donald Trump, Donald Trump can really help our country out, he can help us out, he can help a lot of people out. (scroll down for video)

Predictably, his audience of apparently mostly “tolerant” liberals has come out with mostly dissent, downvotes, dislikes, and degradation.

Take a look at the like/dislike ratio for his video:


In addition, take a look at some of these “tolerant” comments:


And this type of comment appeared many times. This is called the “liberal plantation”: when liberals think minorities are only allowed to be liberals, and if they ever become conservative, the ONLY possible explanation is that he’s a “sellout” to his people, or a “coon”, Uncle Tom”, etc. In this case, the ONLY possible explanation for Karim’s personal decision to support Trump is that he’s being blackmailed:


Liberals LOVE to rob their “minority” constituents of any sentience and autonomy. The moment a “minority” black man or Muslim disagrees, they condescendingly assume his views are the result of being manipulated.

Karim continues in his video:

You know, we’re not giving him a chance. We’re just looking at this crazy facade that people have created and the media has created, to the point where we just think that he’s a bad guy. I don’t think he’s a bad. I think he just says what’s on his mind.

Indeed, it seems the mainstream media has one goal right now: lie about Donald Trump to make his look like Satan. I left a similar comment under Karim’s video:


Of course, Karim addressed Trump’s comments regarding Muslims:

If he wins, it would be pretty cool and we could see a definite change happen in this country, and we could all be together, and finally work together against all these horrible, horrible people who are making us Muslims look bad and are killing innocents.

I feel that his program for Muslims and the Muslim identification and registering might actually help us as Muslims. Why? Because now it’s going to weed out people who are just “Muslim” to do bad, and people who are TRULY Muslims are going to have no problem labeling and registering.

Interestingly, Karim’s reasons for supporting Trump are very similar to my own, including:

  1. Trump’s candidness, tell-it-like-it-is attitude
  2. He’s a businessman, not a career politician

Another similarity is that, just as Karim endured massive backlash for publicly supporting Trump, I, too, faced the same attacks on my video, which you can watch here.

One final interesting thing I’d like to point out that Karim mentioned was this:

I stand by Donald Trump. I’m really, really scared to see how people are going to react to this, since he’s not the popular decision. But I will tell you this: a lot of people I’ve spoken to actually do believe he might win the presidency because a lot of people who are voting for him aren’t vocal about it and they’ll tell you they’re voting for someone else but they’re actually going to vote for Donald Trump.

Indeed, this is very much true: ANYONE can come out and support the pseudo-liberal, pseudo-altruistic candidates like Bernie Sanders—the same pathetic coward who compromises all his values and dignity in order to suck votes out of black people.

However, coming out and supporting Trump, who is controversial NOT because he’s actually going to be the next Hitler, but simply because he stands up to bullies—standing up publicly for Trump is, indeed, very controversial and takes courage.

Watch Karim’s Video Below:



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