Game of Thrones Cast Comes Out in Support of Refugees Just 1 Day After Brussels Terror Attack

The popular show Game of Thrones just released a pro-refugee ad campaign just 1 day after the Brussels terror attacks that many attribute to the very same pro-refugee policies/sentiments now being pushed by the TV series. (scroll down for video)

In a video uploaded to the official Game of Thrones YouTube channel titled “The Game of Thrones Cast Make Bold Promises to Our Winner // Omaze”, the all-star cast of the show appear in jumpcut-editing, urging viewers to sign up for an exclusive chance to attend the show’s Season 6 premier.

“It’s all to benefit IRC, an incredible organization dedicated to saving refugee families from crisis. Every entry benefits IRC, who are doing amazing work to support the millions of refugee families in need.”

However, the first thing to note is the unusually high number of dislikes under the video:


This screenshot was taken only 3 hours after the video was released, and I expect the proportion of dislikes to continue to grow over the next few days.

The timing of this Game of Thrones pro-refugee campaign cannot be anymore coincidental (and disastrous, from a PR-perspective): only one day after Brussels, Belgium was rocked by a brutal Islam-inspired, ISIS-backed terror attack that killed approximately 30 people.

Of course, many have suggested that the recent attack in Brussels, as well as the terror in Paris late last year, were at least partially due to the pathologically-altruistic immigration policies adopted by many European countries in the wake of the “migrant crisis”.

Allowing swarms of undocumented migrants (while multiple other Muslim countries refuse to accept them) to enter a country with no plan to assimilate them or care for them properly, is a predictable recipe for disaster.

Ironically, Brussels was the very same city that released this public service announcement in January 2016, denying claims that the region was succumbing to foreign influences and threats of terror:

All of this, of course, ties into what Donald Trump has been warning for many months, including his own specific references to Brussels, saying on the topic of ISIS and immigration:

There is something going on, Maria. Go to Brussels. Go to Paris. Go to different places. There is something going on and it’s not good, where they want Shariah law, where they want this, where they want things that” just aren’t good.

That quote is from January 27, 2016, approximately two months before the Brussels attacks.

One commenter under the Game of Thrones video wrote:


And here are some more:


However, this commenter wrote:


Though, as Trump has said, he’d rather be correct than politically correct.

Watch the Game of Thrones Pro-Refugee Video Below:



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