WATCH: Young Boy Finally Hits Back After Being Bullied By Female Classmate

A viral video posted to shows a young male student enduring a vicious physical assault from a larger female classmate. (scroll down for video)

For nearly a minute, the boy takes the beating, yanking, and shoving. In a society that says, “men shouldn’t hit women, even in self-defense”, or that “real men never hit women”, it’s not uncommon for abused men to resist hitting back, and for women to feel immunized from consequences as they beat up members of the opposite sex.

However, there’s only so much abuse even the most timid person can handle, and eventually, the young boy reacts in the most justified of ways: a one-hitter-quitter, kinda like this:

The truth is, I have just about zero sympathy for violent aggressive bitches who assault men under the presumption they can get away with it because “real men don’t hit women.” That is a complete abuse of the special exemption given to women under the presumption they are weaker than men.

Watch the Full Video Below:



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