WATCH: Male Sexual Harassment Social Experiment Reveals Society’s Double-Standards

A viral video by internet personality Joey Salads has brought under spotlight the blatant double-standards in how society treats/views men and women. (scroll down for video)

In the social experiment filmed at a mall, Joey and his girlfriend pretend as if they are “sexually harassing” each other, first with the female harassing the male, and then vice versa. Predictably, when the female is harassing him, no one cares, in fact, some people encourage the woman and tell the man, “are you crazy!?” for refusing her sexual inclinations.

Of course, however, when the tables are turned and the man initiates the “sexual harassment”, it prompts an immediate and hostile reaction from surrounding people. (scroll down for video). No doubt many people on that side would urge the lady to call a lawyer about sexual harassment law over how they’re treated in this experiment.

Now, the double-standards in this video makes perfect sense: the reason the hypocrisy exists is because men and women are not equal, and thus it makes sense for there to be unequal responses to the situation. In that sense, I’m not generally too offended by the hypocritical responses of people: given that men are generally stronger than women, there is a natural tendency to view women as greater victims in situations involving domestic harassment, violence,and abuse.

HOWEVER, the reason that I personally find these videos so important is that they expose feminist bullshit. In an age with self-described feminists saying things like “all men are rapists”, or suggesting that there’s some widespread “rape culture” (even though rape is illegal, and even though videos like these prove the general public’s beliefs/responses to situations of sexual harassment towards women), videos like these serve an important function.

Watch the Viral Video Below:



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