WATCH: Female Student Body Slams Male, Knees Him In Face, Runs Off

A viral video with over 13 million views shows a female high school student body-slamming a male student, then kneeing him in the face twice, leaving him with a black eye and motionless on the floor (scroll down for video)

The incident occurred at Sonoma Valley High School in California, and has since circulated as a triumph for “women’s empowerment”. The details of the incident are somewhat vague, so attributing blame is a bit difficult.

According to reports:

The school district says the girl goes to nearby Creekside High School. Students say the boy, who attends Sonoma Valley High School, made comments on her Facebook page. She confronted him then he threw water at her.

However, the part where he allegedly “threw water at her” is not captured in the cell phone video. (scroll down for video)

As anyone who’s followed my work for the past year knows, the topic of men and women fighting each other is one of my favorite because it exposes the double-standards of feminism very well.

However, even though most of the articles/videos I produce on this topic are about men who are the victims of violent women, my fundamental stance on this topic is as follows: victims have a right to defend themselves against aggressors–whether they’re a man or a woman.

According to reports thus far, assuming that the male in this situation had initiated the argument through online comments as well as throwing water at her, then that would suggest the female is the victim, and the male is the aggressor, thus justifying her attacks seen in the video.

Watch the Video for Yourself:



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