Bill Maher Explodes on #BlackLivesMatter: “YOU F*CKING IDIOTS!”

Liberal retard Bill Maher, who 15 years ago was at least ballsy enough to bash feminism in his stand-up comedy routines, exploded in anger Friday over the topic of #BlackLivesMatter (otherwise known as the Black KKK). (scroll down for video)

The host of Real Time on HBO was discussing a recent viral video showing a racist black woman from the #BlackLivesMatter movement interrupting a Hillary fundraiser by holding up a sign that said, “We need to bring them to heel”, which is apparently a quote by the former First Lady addressing the problem of at-risk, criminally-inclined youth in America.

This isn’t the first time that the weak-ass Marxists of the #BlackLivesMatter movement (who by the way don’t care about black conservative lives, or the black lives shooting each other up at exponentially higher rates rather than any other racial group in the country). Last year, Bernie Sanders had his speech interrupted when two overweight black women stormed the stage, nearly assaulted him off the podium, and proceeded to accuse Bernie of being a “white supremacist liberal”—yes, the same Bernie who marched alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. and was arrested for protesting segregation (what a naive cracker, that Bernie is).

Well, it seems the racist double-standards of the #BlackLiesMatter movement reached a tipping point for Bill Maher on Friday, where he exploded in seething anger because, according to him, “Of the thousand things I could complain about Hillary Clinton, being a racist doesn’t really rise to the top of it.”

But then, Bill exploded—months and months of pent up white liberal guilt bubbling up inside of him until it all came spewing out in a grand eruption.

Watch Bill’s Explosion Here:



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